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Milwaukee Program Overview
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Many community organizations recognize that recycling helps keep their neighborhoods clean and generates revenue to fund city services that are important to them. Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works has outreach materials and other resources to help your organization reach out to residents to promote recycling. The following are examples of the types of materials that are available for use:

Recycling Flyer: Help people remember what is recyclable and how to prepare materials for their recycling bin or cart with this flyer.

Replacement Bin Flyer: We have found that a barrier to recycling in neighborhoods serviced with bins rather than carts is that many households* lack recycling bins. Use this flyer to let residents know how to request a replacement recycling bin.

To inquire about these and other materials available, call
(414) 286-2349.

*The City of Milwaukee provides recycling service to single family through 4-plex households. If you live in a building with 5 or more units, contact your landlord

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